QUIZ: My Heartfelt Desire For My LifeBy Michaela

Welcome to the quiz that gives you the opportunity to stop, take a breath and dive within to reflect and focus on yourself. Deep within each of us is a yearning to feel secure, whole and OK. It is an essential part of what makes us human, and it is also what causes us most pain and conflict. Most importantly, it is also the door to fulfilment, happiness and self discovery.

Enjoy taking this time-out for you, complete the questions, and hit the submit button! Based on your replies, I am putting together a free support guide just for you.

My Heartfelt Desire For My Life Is…

What do you feel that you need most right now?(Required)
Take your time on this question, and write as much as you need and want to. Think about your feelings, and your thoughts. What is it like uniquely, for you.
What stage are you at in your working life?
The results of this short survey will inform a free support guide. Would you like a copy?(Required)
What is your name?

Thank you for taking this time-out. I’ll be putting together a free support guide based on everyone’s feedback. If you would like a personalised response, please email me and ask at michaela@michaelaweaver.com.

Yours in freedom!

Michaela x


Hi, I'm Michela

I’m a master coach, and someone liberated from limiting narrative, and self-sabotaging coping mechanisms, such as alcohol. I have walked the path. I understand your concerns and fears. Here you will find some of my thoughts and insights. Happy browsing!

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