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This is not just answering the question, ‘how can I quit or cut down, and change my addictive behaviours?’

Today, is the day, where you can change your future. Alcohol, smoking, excess work, or food.

It’s time to shift your stress and reward paradigm, and embrace your life.

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No more shame. No more guilt. And no more regret.

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The Social Secret is a science-based method for liberation.

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Hello I'm Michaela Weaver

As the world's executive addiction breakthrough expert, and leader in the science of transformational freedom, I work with high-achieving successful people guiding them to discover the joy of life with awareness of The Social Secret. Here they reclaim their power from over-achieving, addictive behaviours to live with unparalleled authenticity – and that's when life really starts living - every moment of their lives with crisp, fulfilled clarity.

I know exactly what it’s like to be addicted to alcohol, yet still function in society behind a mask, and be that ambitious, successful high performance executive - outwardly accomplished, but inwardly struggling with failed promises and morning regret.

For a long time I asked myself, ‘Should I give up alcohol? How do I give up smoking? What if I don’t like working less hard?’ Just the thought of those questions conjured up images of a lesser life, boring, and uninspiring. I now know that these were all the wrong questions to ask and from the wrong perspective.

But that was before I discovered The Social Secret.

What is The Social Secret?

The Social Secret is a unique blend of scientific knowledge, neuroscience and psychology that delivers a blueprint to bring high achieving executives freedom to live a new addiction-free life story, with limitless potential.

You may have tried to solve the problem of your excess behaviours and the conundrum before. Maybe you wondered if you are ready for change, what sobriety from alcohol would be like, and how to get change working for you. Maybe you tried willpower and Googling for answers. Maybe you tried alcohol counselling, AA or rehab, retreats and gritted teeth, but nothing worked, and some of it threw you completely out of your comfort zone. Until now.

The science within The Social Secret shifts paradigms: it is different – no labels, no lifelong recovery and fear, no living in shame or struggling with willpower. Build new healthy emotional strength and vibrancy, live life on your terms, enjoy socialising when you want to and relax into 'me' time with newfound, blissful peace.

Today, you can begin to rewrite your life.

With my paradigm shift, clients break free to find an awe-inspiring power source with you at the epicentre of all your personal relationships and social connections.

Get ready for the most transformative discoveries of your life.