Are you ready to awaken to a life of peace, expansion and joy,free from the limiting narrative of your mind?

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Filling the gap doesn't work - it just creates another gap.Seeking more doesn't work - it just creates more seeking.
You want peace, not stress.

Say goodbye to the inner agitated voice of stress, fear and overwhelm. This is your invitation to FREEDOM.

Don't settle for unfulfilled mediocrity. Together we go beyond addictive limits of the mind to a world of divine genius.

This is a new, beautiful world where science and psychology meet, where you learn how to think, act and feel differently. Where disturbing, triggering emotions are gone.

Overcome ego and its self-limiting programs.

Overcome perfectionism, self-judgement,

Overcome addictive thinking and fear.

Discover your true and whole self.Release the true power of you.

You're happy... but not fulfilled.

You're intelligent... but your mind rules over you.

You're successful... but need to be perfect.

You live well... but still something is missing.

You have a great life... but you know that more things is not the answer.

You have it all... but wonder if you have lost yourself.

You are right!

You deserve to be free from inner limits, restraints, judgements and criticisms.

The chances are you're still searching for something else. But what do you do next? Another project, another therapist, another personal improvement plan. There is still something missing.

Discover The Power Within You

My clients are successful. Just like you.

But... they have discovered the key to live life with

fulfilment and joy.

Way beyond the mainstream.

Beyond their successful outward lives, they now live in safe, unfragmented security, deep within themselves. The world shines back reflecting their harmony, purpose and joy. This is true legacy. And this is yours.

BUT... they were sucked into mainstream thinking of 'something missing', wanting 'something else', and seeking it in addictive thinking, work, relationships, alcohol...

A few found a meditation practice, or activity to keep the unrest away. But it rarely lasts.

It's no wonder that by the time they get to me, they are frustrated. Aggravated. And just want it all to stop so that can find themselves inside it all.

The watered down version of their Self, truly is no longer enough. Something is calling, shouting, yelling for them to listen. They are ready for SO. MUCH. MORE. EXPANSION.

There is a knowing that they want to release their inner genius Self. Whole. Complete.

But mainstream way of living has them in a box that won't let them realise their true Self.

Once you step into your true power, there is a completely different world aligning for your freedom. This world aligns current psychological understanding with quantum science, and spiritual wisdom from East and Western traditions.

This is the power of recalibration, and The Calibration Shift.


Never again look to the outside world for answers - because the world is your playground, not your judge and jury.

Never again again seek anything in the outside world to fill an emotional gap - you are whole with no gaps.

Never again feel fear or unsafe - because you are the peace and security that you seek.

Never again feel empty, exhausted or hopeless - because you are energised, alive and vibrant.

Never again find life a struggle - because you are living with, and from, ease.

The best of it?Once you realise these principles deeply, you are Free. 

There is literally no stopping you realising that.

The Breakthrough?It's all about a seismic paradigm shift of thought consciousness. Where you experience your ultimate authentic self.

I amMichaela Weaver

Your life is about to change as you reach the highest pinnacle of loving self discovery; from limits of mind, to freedom, from overwork to pure performance, from over-thinking to peace. Your paradigm shift is the ultimate for life. As a high achiever, you’ll be free to live your life without any restrictions. Instead, you’ll thrive in all aspects of your work, personal life, and family life with wonder, awe, and a new softness and ease.

How am I so sure? Well, it's a journey I have travelled myself. Over a lifetime, my over-active ego ran me. Over-thinking, fear and doubt were my operating program. I worked harder, smoked, over-drank, over-thought, and over-stressed while juggling a demanding career and raising a family at home. I lived with high expectations and worked under intense pressure, personally and professionally. Addictions, stress, and anxiety were embedded into my daily life. My descent was painful and shameful — affecting everything and everyone around me. Trapped in an unfulfilling existence, I blamed the world and lost sense of who I really was.

My drinking brought me to the final crossroads. I shone a BIG spotlight on my addictive, overdoing-it lifestyle and found the answers after studying addiction science, neuroscience, spirituality and psychology. Fast forward to today, and that’s how Self Rediscovery was born. I felt uncomfortable with  many models of recovery. They play at the surface, not at the source. This is a new level of consciousness that connects with your authentic self to shift your inner paradigm – unleashing your inherent power to live an elevated life bursting with peace, joy, and fulfilment.