I help Seekers leave the Matrix of lack and unhappiness, to step into ultimate freedom and joy.


Experience a rapid shift in your perspective in a 90 minute session. Breakthrough a blockage, or thought pattern and unlock newfound clarity and inspiration.


Focus on a specific area of your life with the intensive 6 week targeted coaching package. Experience powerful change to address what's holding you back the most.


Immerse yourself in the ultimate 3 month personal transformation coaching experience. Optimize your mind and spirit to feel fully alive and happy.


A stand alone, or a natural follow-on for the serious seeker of spiritual awakening and the holy grail journey home to your fullest most complete and whole self in oneness.

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The mind, its dramas, stories and what used to work in the past all seem hollow, and superficial. You want more. How do I know? Because I've been there.

Are you familiar with the feeling of unrest, a lack of OK-ness, and that you're not living your happiest life? I’ll guide you to shift beyond the habit-forming limits of your mind to a world of authentic and aligned flow...

Get ready to embrace a quest as we explore a world where science and psychology meet, where you’ll learn how to think, act and feel differently… A world where you are awake and free from wrestling with disturbing, triggering emotions.

Imagine feeling truly content and happy, with a deep sense of safety and peace, free from anxiety. You'll know you're living your best life, embracing authentic truth, fully awake, and present. Picture yourself liberated from the mind's endless narratives, simply happy and at ease. That's the life you deserve!

This is your invitation to get out of the matrix,wake up to happiness, and discover the joy of who you are.

Do you feel happy sometimes... but at other times deeply conflicted, unfulfilled?

Are you:

  • Intelligent... but your mind consistently shifts into overdrive?
  • Successful... but struggling with the pressure of perfection?
  • Living a good life... but you’re suffering from the chronic “something is missing” feeling, yet you’re aware that “more” is not the answer?

Is it perceived that you “have a good life”... but deep down, you feel as though you’ve lost the essence of yourself?

I’m here to reassure you that you deserve to live a life that’s happy, and fulfilled, with a deep sense of aware self-connection.

If you’re on this page, chances are you're still searching for something else.Another project, another therapist, another personal improvement plan, another hobby... Yet after all that… you’re still left with the nagging feeling that something is missing. Happiness is always fleeting.

Awaken to the Joy of Who You Are

the answer lies in recalibrating and resetting the way life is viewed and livedThe answer lies in deep, authentic awakening.

My clients are truth seekers. Happiness warriors...Just like you.

They got swept up in the mainstream cycle of believing that they were never quite good enough. Life felt insecure and overwhelming and 'something was missing’. Just one more day, one more thing, and it would be OK.

… But the day doesn't come, and they worked hard to cope.

They found comfort in over-thinking, over-working, over-worrying, over-drinking, and more… A few found a meditation practice, or activity to quiet their mind’s unrest. But it rarely lasts.

It's no wonder that by the time they stepped into my world, they were frustrated… exhausted. Begging for the “noise” to stop so that they could rest and come back to themselves.

They learned that the diluted version of their true self was no longer enough, but the societal way of living had them trapped in a box that holds them back from experiencing their true selves. Another stress management, or self improvement course, or another holiday wasn't going to cut it! A paradigm shift was needed.

Their journeys led to me, where they shifted their inner perspective and found their POWER, PRESENCE and JOY.


Thank you so much! The insight you have shared has changed my life! I have a new-found confidence and been able to leave behind the disquiet I felt. I felt anxious at work, even though I didn't know why, and felt that I had to be constantly busy. In truth, I was worried what would happen if I stopped!
Since our deep work together, my disquiet and fear has fallen away. I feel a deep sense of peace, and am relaxed even in the most stressful meetings! I am making better decisions and am a happier mother and partner.

Emily, Vice President, Banking

I hadn't bounced back since Covid. So much had changed and I felt that I hadn't caught up. I wasn't sure who I was anymore, and wasn't happy with my health choices. I was stressed, overwhelmed and silently struggling. Fast forward to today and I feel whole again. I feel aligned, authentic and happier than I have been in years! It was the most incredible and transformational work. Thanks again Michaela. You and your program changed my life and my work.

Alison, Director, Global Training Company

They’ve walked the road to awakening the key to living a life of fulfilment and joy.

Beyond the confinement of societal “checklists”.

Beyond their successful outward lives, they now enjoy living in safe, unfragmented security, deeply connected to their inner selves. And having the world shining back to reflect their harmony, purpose and joy.

And this could be yours too - if you’re finding yourself on the path of consistent self-doubt, chronic emptiness and forming habits to fill these holes in your life.

Once you’ve taken the leap to open your eyes to what is here, now, and already, then you step into your true power. And here you find a whole new world that’s aligned with your freedom. This world merges psychological understanding with quantum science and embraces spiritual wisdom using East and Western traditions.

This is the power of reconnecting to your essence and natural joywhere you’ll learn:

The world is your playground, not your judge and jury.

You are whole and complete with no missing pieces.

You are the peace and security that you seek.

You are the master of your own energy - you are alive and ready to receive.

Life is not a constant struggle or a steep hill you have to keep climbing.

Happiness is your nature, and it's here right now!

The best of awakening to your natural joy?Once you feel these truths in your body and in your spirit, your awaken to true freedom where there are no barriers.

You’ll experience a seismic paradigm shift of thought consciousness.Where you’ll connect, spiritually aligned as your ultimate authentic self.

I amMichaela Weaver

I am a spiritual teacher and awakening coach. My mission is to point you to truth, and the joy of inner power, wisdom and presence that is here.

Your outer world will be filled with happiness, lightness and love; you shift from overwhelm and insecurity to peak performance and ease, and from over-thinking to inner peace.

Your ultimate paradigm shift awaits.

If you’re successful and intelligent, you’ll learn to live your life without any limitations of heart and mind. Learn to thrive in all areas of your life with fresh eyes, a peaceful subconscious and ease.

I am so sure of this because this is a road I’ve travelled myself.

For most of my life, my ego ruled me. I submitted to overthinking, fear and doubt – the very things that made up my “Operating System”.

I pushed myself to irrational limits, smoked, and drank excessively, my thoughts were filled with unrest, and I was stressed beyond measure while juggling a taxing career and raising a family.

Over-doing, stress, and anxiety were rooted in me. I shamefully (and painfully) descended into a dark place and affected everything and all those around me.

Caught in an unfulfilling existence, I blamed the world and lost touch with my true self.

I began studying addiction science, neuroscience, spirituality and psychology. Fast forward to today, and that’s how my paradigm shifting work was born. I felt uncomfortable with many models of self-development and superficial solutions. They play at the surface, not at the source. This is a new level of consciousness that connects with your authentic essence  – unleashing your inherent power to live an elevated life bursting with peace, joy, and fulfilment.

I am an awakened coach who is a Fellow of The Association for Coaching, Fellow of ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists) ICF Member, Master Executive, Life and Wellbeing Coach. Clients include: Executives, CEOs, directors, lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, bankers, realtors, marketing and finance executives, and more.

ShifterRapid Shift Session

Experience a rapid shift in your perspective in a 90-minute session with Michaela. Breakthrough a blockage or thought pattern and unlock newfound clarity and inspiration. This session may include relaxing hypnotherapy, guiding you into a deep state of relaxation where your subconscious mind is open to positive suggestions and healing.

Through powerful coaching techniques combined with optional hypnotherapy, you'll delve deep into your subconscious, releasing what no longer serves you and opening yourself to transformative insights and understanding. Whether you're facing a specific challenge or seeking clarity on your path, this session will leave you feeling empowered and ready to embrace your journey with renewed vigor.

The investment is £195 (249USD).

Renewal: The Package

Welcome to The Renewal with Michaela Weaver – a six-week intensive coaching package designed to help you reconnect with yourself, awaken from life's drama and trauma, and make powerful changes in a specific area of your life.

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself amidst life's challenges? Do you long to break free from the drama and trauma that hold you back? The Renewal is your invitation to focus on the area that's been most affected and experience transformative change.

With me, Michaela Weaver, as your guide, you'll embark on a journey of self-reconnection and awakening. Together, we'll release unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviors, replacing them with the resources and mindset needed to create the life you desire.

What can you expect from The Renewal?

Tailored Transformation:
This program is personalized to address the specific area of your life that needs attention. Through a series of powerful coaching techniques, we'll work together to achieve meaningful results in a way that feels comfortable and confidential.

Identifying Blockages:
We'll delve into your chosen area and identify the obstacles preventing you from moving forward. By shining a light on these blockages, you'll gain clarity and understanding, paving the way for transformation.

Silencing the Inner Critic:
Learn to quiet the critical voice in your head that keeps you playing small. Say goodbye to self-doubt and embrace confidence as you reconnect with your true self.

Empowerment and Motivation:
Feel empowered and motivated to purposefully move forward in your chosen area. With newfound clarity and tools at your disposal, progress will feel not only possible but inevitable.

What's Included:

  • Six weeks of intensive coaching sessions with Michaela Weaver, guiding you towards your goals.
  • Ongoing support through Telegram, email, and phone contact throughout the six weeks, providing accountability and encouragement as you work towards your renewal.
  • Lifetime access to courses and programs related to your package.

What’s your investment?

  • Your time
  • Open and honest communication
  • Commitment to complete the process fully
  • £1,950 ($2495USD) (Monthly payment options available if required)

Are you ready to awaken from life's drama and trauma, reconnect with yourself, and create the life you've always dreamed of? Let's talk about how The Renewal can help you embark on this transformative journey.

Wake Up The Happiness Within


Welcome to Transform With Michaela, Master Coach – a three-month personal coaching experience designed to help women awaken to happiness, move away from limitation and struggle, and deeply reconnect with themselves.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate journey of self-discovery and transformation? Transform With Michaela is your opportunity to optimize your mind and spirit, enabling you to feel fully alive and happy.

With me, Michaela, as your Master Coach, you'll embark on an accelerated journey of self-discovery using powerful personal transformation interventions. This bespoke coaching strategy is designed with your individual aspirations in mind, turbocharging your journey to success.

What can you expect from Transform With Michaela?

Tailored Transformation:
This program is completely bespoke, tailored to your unique needs and desires. Through a series of powerful coaching sessions, we'll optimize your thoughts and behaviors, unlocking your personal power and helping you achieve your highest goals.

Discover and Understand:
We'll delve deep into what has been holding you back and stopping you from creating the fabulous future you deserve. By letting go of unhelpful habits, behaviors, and old ways of thinking, you'll release the burden of angst, worry, doubt, and fear.

Acceptance and Confidence:
You'll learn to fully accept, believe in, and trust the unique and incredible person you are on the inside. By unlocking real confidence, you'll feel empowered to step into your true self and create the life you desire.

Clarity and Motivation:
Gain clarity on exactly what you want and what motivates you, allowing you to design your own fabulous future with purpose and intention.

Inner Peace and Joy:
Experience inner peace, contentment, and joy as you embrace new possibilities and opportunities in the fabulous future you've created.

What’s Included:

  • Three months of intensive coaching sessions with Michaela, guiding you on your journey of self-discovery and transformation.
  • Ongoing support through Telegram, email, and phone contact throughout the three months, helping you navigate your newly empowered, confident, and happy life.
  • Lifetime access to courses and programs related to your package.

Are you ready to embark on the ultimate journey of personal transformation? Let's talk about how Transform With Michaela can help you awaken to happiness and create the life you've always dreamed of.

What’s your investment?

  • Your time
  • Open and honest communication
  • Commitment to complete the process fully
  • £3,500 ($4500 USD) (Monthly payment options available if required)

Awaken With Michaela

Welcome to Awaken with Michaela, a six-month journey of spirit and mind awakening – the ultimate package for the serious seeker of spiritual enlightenment and the holy grail journey home to your fullest, most complete, and whole self in oneness.

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of awakening and self-discovery? Awaken with Michaela is designed for those who are committed to delving deep into the realms of spirit and mind to find true enlightenment and wholeness.

As your guide and Master Coach, I, Michaela, will lead you through transformative practices and experiences that will illuminate your path to spiritual awakening and inner peace.

What can you expect from Awaken with Michaela?

Profound Spiritual Awakening:
Through a combination of ancient wisdom and modern coaching techniques, you will experience a profound spiritual awakening, connecting with your true essence and purpose.

Holistic Self-Discovery:
You will embark on a journey of self-discovery that encompasses all aspects of your being – mind, body, and spirit. By exploring the depths of your soul, you will uncover hidden truths and unlock your fullest potential.

Inner Peace and Oneness:
Find inner peace and experience the sense of oneness with all that is. Release past traumas, fears, and limitations as you journey home to your fullest, most complete self.

Expanded Consciousness:
Expand your consciousness and awareness to new levels, gaining deeper insights into the nature of reality and your place within it.

Empowerment and Wholeness:
Experience a profound sense of empowerment and wholeness as you align with your true self and live in harmony with your purpose.

What's Included:

  • Six months of intensive coaching sessions with Michaela, guiding you on your journey of spirit and mind awakening.
  • Personalized spiritual practices and exercises to deepen your connection with your true authentic soul essence.
  • Ongoing support through Telegram, email, and phone contact throughout the six months, providing guidance and encouragement as you navigate your spiritual journey.

What’s your investment?

  • Your time
  • Open and honest communication
  • Commitment to complete the process fully
  • £5,995 ($7495 USD) (Monthly payment options available if required)

Are you ready to embark on the ultimate journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery? Let's awaken your soul and journey home to your fullest, most complete self together.