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Michaela Weaver is the critically acclaimed creator of The Calibration Shift, best-selling author, TED speaker, Master Mindshift coach, and specialist Addiction Behavior Coach.

Michaela Weaver is the world's leading authority for The Calibration Shift, and enabling the highly successful to embrace life without stress, overwhelm, problematic thinking and addictive coping behaviors.

Based in the UK, she has worked with countless high achieving leaders globally including corporate board members, company directors, industry leaders, senior lawyers, medics, entrepreneurs and other career professionals.

The commonality is that each of Michaela’s clients aspire and inspire, build authenticity, personal growth and fulfilment without cyclical stress, overwhelm and addictive behaviors dragging them down.

A science and engineering graduate from University College London, Michaela was CEO of her own management consultancy for over 20 years - working with several blue chip companies, the Cabinet Office in London, local governments and the NHS. Days spent in boardrooms with chief executives were the norm, meaning long, stressful days with a ‘reward’ at the end.

It was the stark realisation that this so-called ‘reward’ was anything but when her partner threatened to leave her, unwilling to tolerate her two bottles a day habit, that led Michaela on her own journey to quit alcohol. Fast forward to today - she has channeled her expertise to help thousands of top flight, c-suite achievers to do the same.

As is the case with so many high-achieving executives, Michaela had previously been juggling work, home, her relationship, children and the wine glass all at once. When she was forced to face the reality of her over-doing behavior and addictive coping mechanisms, she immediately sought help, only to feel crestfallen by what was available to her. Visits to counsellors and her GP were disempowering, whilst groups like the AA relied on one being in eternal ‘recovery’.

As both a scientist and executive coach, Michaela took it upon herself to extensively research addiction and find a pathway out of the trap, of her own accord. She yearned to understand the neuroscience and psychology behind addiction and how this was impacting her own life. Journals, books, papers, and research formed the basis for Michaela’s learning and six month discovery journey.

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“I was my own coach,”explains Michaela.

“I learnt that addictive lifestyle behaviors hijacks our natural biology through our dopamine and learning system”.

She stopped drinking as a result of her learnings. And this was the catalyst for a career change into a more meaningful role. And so in 2019 The Alcohol Coach was born. After building a highly successful alcohol to sobriety coaching business for women, Michaela has widened her reach to include complete Self Rediscovery as a paradigm shift away from disempowering addictive behaviors.

Michaela’s approach is science based, empowering and focuses on discovery not recovery. When coaching to remove the chains of alcohol, it’s about freedom - not counting days or missing out. She is dedicated to enabling CEOs, C-suite executives and global high performers to unravel addictive tendancies and break free to find their higher versions of themselves.

“So many more execs have been working from home during the pandemic. And as a result they are reaching for the bottle earlier in the day, or other believed 'stress-reliever'. They see that glass of red as the 4pm de-stress, but the ‘con’ is that that glass is in itself a key stress trigger.”

Via her comprehensive coaching programmes ...

Michaela teaches women that mind controls life, which seems to make life control mind and the endless loop of stress, overwhelm and seeking for it to stop or get better. She teaches freedom from the uneccessary suffering and negative coping patterns that develop. Alcohol in particular is the go-to coping strategy that causes sleep disruption and plays havoc with hormones; the latter being all the more significant for perimenopausal and menopausal women seeking solace in their favourite tipple, when everything else in life appears to be going haywire.

Michaela’s work which sees her coaching clients in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA enables a fundamental paradigm shift. Thanks to Michaela’s work, her clients arrive in a place where they don’t want to drink, with the drive to make a conscious and clear headed impression throughout their lives.

Michaela, a scientist, Master NLP coach and practitioner, Executive Coach, Life and Wellbeing Coach, has also trained in addiction therapy, guided imagery, how to manage chronic anxiety, motivational interviewing and hypnotherapy.

Michaela is on a mission to transform the lives of strong, capable women who have found themselves in the position of being held back in life by survival mind.

Through mindset shift, science and positive psychology, Michaela is on a mission to get the world's women back up and thriving!

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