Help with drinking: from The Alcohol Coach

As CEO of The Alcohol Coach, Michaela has helped thousands of women to solve alcohol problems.She can help you too.

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It is your birthright to be free from alcohol problems

Are you ready to learn how to say goodbye to yesterday’s hangover, and discover the joy of freedom from alcohol?

Now is the time to step into freedom and live life on your terms.To rediscover your true self and be fully present in your life. To build vivid, treasured memories and find inner wellbeing and joy. Welcome to a world where science and psychology mean your paradigms are shifting.
Experience your ultimate authentic life, alcohol-free.exhausted.

This is not just answering the question, ‘how can I quit alcohol?’

Today, is the day, where you can change your future.

It’s time to shift your paradigm, and embrace your life.

Imagine being back in connection with your true self,energised, and in control.

Meet your best Self

Michaela suffered with stress-related alcohol problems for decades before she found her way out of the loop had held her tightly. She went on to help thousands of professional women to break free, gain control and celebrate life.

The Alcohol coach offers solutions from self study to discrete and private boutique Sobriety Concierge with Michaela.

Visit The Alcohol Coach website for further details.

Freedom is a life where the searching is overand peace of mind, and joy are upper-most.

A Boardroom Coach

With 20 years in boardroom strategy and executive coaching, Michaela knows the pressure that you work under.

If you are looking to regain feelings of control in your life, and to reconnect with the person that who know you are, exclusive and discrete coaching with Michaela may be the right fit for you.