About Michaela

Michaela Weaver is the critically acclaimed creator of The Alcohol Coach brand, best-selling author, TED speaker, and Master Transformation Coach.

She is the world’s leading authority for enabling highly successful women to shift into a life of expansive freedom & fulfilment.Freedom is peace and happiness.
Free from seeking the next thing or activity to feel whole and complete, and free from the nagging discomfort of anxiety, insecurity, fear and the need to be perfect.

Her ground-breaking methods blend science, psychology and spirituality using The Science of Transformational Freedom and result in uncovering your recalibrated life of complete fulfilment, wholeness and peace.

This means that you, the achiever, perfectionist, worrier, drinker or intellectualiser, step into your life, free from endless human seeking and you thrive in ease and joy.

Michaela is a global leader in visioning the science of who you are, when you are free.  Her refreshing perspective, and straight-talking honesty gives clients an uplifting perspective. She spearheads life transformation for some of the world’s most successful women, through a reformative paradigm shift – free from seeking, fear, exhaustion or dependency and creates a blueprint vision of the future that she supports clients to embrace.

Michaela is the revolutionary leader who founded the renown coaching company, The Alcohol Coach. Since its inception in 2019, she has helped thousands of women.

She has worked with countless corporate board members, company directors, industry leaders, senior lawyers, medics, entrepreneurs and other career professionals – the commonality is that each of the individuals aspire to the highest level of living with joy, authenticity, and fulfilment.

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Michaela'spersonal journey.

My journey began in 2013 as CEO of an executive coaching company, where I worked with the Cabinet Office in London with government boards, directors of industry and leaders at the highest level in the corporate world on a global stage.

I worked relentlessly hard, juggling my demanding career with raising a family at home. Outwardly I was the pinnacle of success, rising to the highest ranks in my industry, while a wife and a mother of three children. I lived with high expectations and worked under intense pressure personally, and professionally. Yet in reality I nursed a closely guarded secret – a growing problem with alcohol, self-inflicted pressure, and over-work that fuelled feelings of inner unrest and conflict that washed over into my personal life.

Over a period of 10 years, I smoked, over-drank and over-worked, as I over-thought myself further away from the perfectionism that I sought.

I suffered blackouts and bouts of complete memory loss from drinking.  At times I embarrassed myself in front of family and friends with my drunken behaviour. I felt truly inauthentic.

Then one day, my partner delivered a bombshell: “I'm leaving you... I'm not doing this anymore.”

It was my wake-up call.

I realized that I had lived with high expectations, and worked under intense pressure, personally and professionally my whole life.

I had been striving for freedom – the inner peace, the rest from waiting for the next day, the next thing – the silence of the searching and the moment when fulfilment is here, completely, wholly uninterruptedly, here. Right now. Not in three weeks, or five years’ time. Right now. My search had led me down a blank alley!

That was when my inner work began, and using my science, psychology and coaching I began questioning everything.

Then came awakening to self rediscovery

Michaela was anxiety-free, lighter and brighter than ever before!

My work started with breaking free from smoking and drinking and six months of intense research. One day, surrounded by my papers, research and notes, I realised that I thought and felt differently about alcohol, and cigarettes. My paradigm had shifted. The desire had gone, and in its place was peace and expansion.

That alone was a beautiful transformation, and that was just the beginning… after this personal revelation, I founded The Alcohol Coach three years later. But aside from solving a long-term problem with alcohol, there was more work to be done. Over the next seven years I travelled the world of teachers, and practitioners from Western psychology and quantum science, to ancient teachings of the Eastern masters.

I felt like I was waking up. My life and world was shifting. I felt connected, open, expansive, and free. The world was brighter, lighter, clearer and more joyful. Anxiety, and negative thought cycles had gone.

What emerged is Michaela's unique multidisciplinary approach for Self Rediscovery which cuts through convention and outdated ideas – to take you to a new level of consciousness. Her unique approach creates an innate power balance away from seeking for fulfilment or seeking to feel better, to connect with your true and authentic self. The results are a complete shift in your inner paradigm, bringing your life into alignment and revealing your power to live an elevated life bursting with infinite potential.

Michaelawas free!

Since breaking free from limitation, Michaela has further developed new and higher versions of herself, finding peace and joy in living her recalibrated life, and she now works with clients to help them become more fulfilled in life, than they ever imagined possible.

Michaela is a scientist, Master Mindset, life and spiritual wellbeing coach who achieves phenomenal breakthrough results for the high achievers who she links arms with.

What results is increased capacity and creativity in work, relationships and life.