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Hi, I’m Michaela Weaver - creator of The Calibration Shift, scientist, best-selling author, TED speaker, and Master Transformation Coach.Founder of The Alcohol Coach Brand

I am an executive coach who’s witnessed phenomenal breakthrough results for the high-achieving clients I’ve worked with.

I am a world-leading authority for helping the highly successful shift into a life of expansive freedom and fulfilment.

Freedom being the foundation for peace and happiness: Free from rushing into reaching your next “big goal” or finding activities to fill what often becomes a common phenomenon among high-achieving and successful women: Never feeling whole or complete or searching for the lurking “missing piece” - the nagging discomfort of anxiety, insecurity, fear and consistent desire for getting to the day when it's all OK. We can find ourselves feeling emotionally and spiritually bankrupt despite a healthy bank balance. That's when you start to realize that there has to be a better way to live. You're right!

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This is mylife story.

I spent my early childhood years in London and at the age of 9, I moved 300 miles away from the capital city to a small rural village in West Wales.

I was a bright, eager pupil and my parents always encouraged me to do my best.

My peers in London all came from affluent families and were set up to be high achievers, even at a young age. It was at this time that I began feeling the pressure to achieve and push myself. This seemed to be the “norm” and the standard I needed to live up to.

I ended up not “fitting in” in the little village I was living in and was bullied for ten years, and over time I felt that if I could be better, more perfect… the bullying would stop.

I was defiant, argued back, and tried to stand up and defend myself but at the same time, I was frightened.

This left me with social anxiety and a general fear of the world despite having a close group of friends who would often stand up for me. As a result of being bullied, I lived with recurring nightmares about being chased for 20 years after I left school.

At 18, I returned to London to attend University as a science and engineering undergraduate at a time when the drinking culture was rife in the UK, and my generation got caught up in this.

I was no exception – drinking excessively was “perfectly normal”, if not obligatory.

Drinking also helped me feel less anxious whenever I went on a night out.

I loved science and the big questions about reality, consciousness and the wonder of the enormous universe. I graduated from the University of London and got my first job in international blue-chip marketing.

Outwardly, I was the image of success. I pushed myself harder, and when I met my first husband, we set up a management consultancy.

I worked hard, played hard… I also worried hard.

We got married, and my first child was born. This was a special time for me, but the day came - when my son was 11 months old - when my husband left me.

Traumatised, I took my son and moved away. This was a very lonely and isolated time, but I picked myself up and pushed myself forward.

Finding work was relatively easy - having been a CEO in management consulting - and a couple of years later, I met my second husband. We moved to a beautiful house, and I had two more children.

Five years later, his absence and my continued drinking forced me to re-evaluate my life. I chose to take a break and go my own way.

I set up my own consultancy, retrained as an Executive Coach, worked for large corporates, the Cabinet Office in London and built a local business where I could care for my three children.

Running a business and raising three children alone was incredibly hard, and I often turned to alcohol to relieve all the mental and emotional weight I was carrying.

Building the Michaela Weaverbrand...

In 2013, I was CEO of an executive coaching company where I worked with the Cabinet Office in London with government boards, directors of industry and leaders at the highest level in the corporate world on a global stage.

I worked relentlessly and juggled a demanding career while raising a family. Outwardly, I was at the pinnacle of success – I reached the top ranks in my industry while being a wife and a mother of three children.

I carried and lived with the weight of these common pressures:

  • High expectations
  • Working under intense pressure in both my personal and professional capacity
  • Being the “perfect” mom and wife

In reality, I guarded a myriad of secrets –

  • Getting too close for comfort with my alcohol consumption
  • I sabotaged myself by over-compensating and over-working, and this further ignited feelings of inner turmoil that infiltrated all areas of my life

For 10 years, I smoked, consumed alcohol excessively and overworked myself, resulting in pushing myself further away from the perfectionism that I sought.

I suffered blackouts and bouts of complete memory loss from drinking. There were times I embarrassed myself in front of my family and friends with my behaviour.

A deep-seated feeling of inauthenticity consumed me.

It all came to a grinding halt one day when my partner dropped a bombshell: “I'm leaving you... I'm not doing this anymore”.

It was the sobering wake-up call I needed.

I realised I’d been living with high expectations and working under intense pressure, personally and professionally my entire life.

I was striving for mental and emotional freedom – inner peace, the rest from waiting for the next day, the worry about the next thing – the silence of searching for “more” and the moment when fulfilment is here - right in front of me. Not in three weeks or five years. Right there.

My search had taken me down a dark and empty alley!

The message from my partner, shone a bright light on my life: the pressure, the anxiety, and all the ways that I had adapted to cope with my daily life.

That was when I began diving into my inner work and using science, psychology and coaching, I started questioning everything.


I slowly chipped away the shackles of anxiety. My world became brighter and I felt lighter than ever before. A psychological weight had been lifted.

My journey started with breaking free from smoking and drinking after doing six months of intense research. One day, while surrounded by my research papers and notes, I realised that my feelings around alcohol and cigarettes had experienced a paradigm shift.

The desire to light up and uncork had left me, but in its place was a calming sense of peace and a spirit ready for expansion.

A beautiful transformation… and that was just the beginning…

3 YEARS LATER - in 2019 -

I founded The Alcohol Coach and had the honour of helping and witnessing thousands of transformations in the lives of the women I’ve worked with.

But aside from solving a long-term problem with alcohol, there was more work to be done and over the next eight years, after shifting my paradigm for coping, I travelled the world of teachers, and practitioners from Western psychology and quantum science, to ancient teachings of the Eastern masters.

I felt like I was waking up. My life and world were shifting. I felt connected, open, expansive, and free. The world around me appeared brighter, lighter, clearer and more joyful. I watched my anxiety, and negative thought cycles slowly disappear.

From my experience, my unique multidisciplinary approach to The Science of Transformational Freedom cuts through convention and archaic ideas emerged – helping you reach a new level of consciousness.

My unique approach encourages an innate power balance that’s free from seeking fulfilment or seeking to “feel better”, and to connect with your authentic self.

The results are a complete shift in your inner paradigm, bringing your life into alignment and unwrapping your personal power to enjoy an elevated life with infinite potential.

Since breaking free from these limitations, I’ve further developed new and higher versions of myself, I’ve found peace and joy in living my recalibrated life, and I now have the pleasure of working with clients to help them feel more fulfilled than they ever imagined possible; resulting in increased capacity and creativity in their work, personal and professional relationships and in their lives.

The Alcohol Coach is my passion project, and after setting up this successful brand, I have circled back to my audience on a new and higher level, working privately with executive women, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who are looking for deep, profound and life-changing transformation.

If you are:

  • A seasoned high-achiever
  • A perfectionist
  • A worrier
  • Finding comfort in using alcohol to “wind down”
  • An intellectual

My ground-breaking methods include a balanced fusion of science, psychology and spirituality using The Calibration Shift, resulting in your renewal to a life of fulfilment in all areas of your life.

I incorporate visualising the science of who you truly are when your mind is free of the weight of common exterior pressures. The irony is that when we let go, we create space, and in that space we become everything we are meant to be, and we do it with ease. This is freedom.

My clients include corporate board members, company directors, industry leaders, senior lawyers, medics, entrepreneurs and other career professionals – the common goal being that each of these high achievers aspires to the greatest level of living with joy, authenticity, and fulfilment.