Corporate Services: The Calibration Shift

Introductory workshops, Self Study, Team and Executive 1:1. We have what you need to Recalibrate!

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Are you and your executive team running on empty? Is inspiration at the end of its tether, and feelings of stress, anxiety and exhaustion bubbling under the surface.

Do you suspect that members of your team are using coping behaviors? Maybe this resonates deeply with you too?

Anxiety, stress, overwhelm are all the antithesis of effective, iconic leadership. They lead to unsustainable coping strategies that leave you empty and exhausted.

There is a huge correlation between highly motivated people and addictive coping strategies. Imagine being freed up from needing to cope, and instead unlock your hidden potential and foundation of power and peace.

Out-dated methods work on stress management, resilience and coping. This is equivalent to moving deck chairs on the Titanic. The Calibration Shift is a paradigm shift that removes the notion of stress! It removes anxiety!

Choose from a complimentary workshop, keynote address, group coaching or Executive one-on-one. Packages are designed around you.

The Calibration Shift is to a life where peace of mind, and joy are upper-most.

Benefits to your team

How would the Calibration Shift benefit you and your team, as individuals and as valued members of the whole?

This is no ordinary program of leadership or human behavior. This really is blue sky reinvention, because The Calibration Shift not only removes the clouds, but it also brightens the sun itself!

Offer your team The Calibration Shift for reactive and preventative corporate wellbeing and alignment.

Benefits to you

As a Master Executive Coach, Michaela works with you discretely one-on-one as you recalibrate, and remove all limitations of thought, emotion and responses. Reconnect with your truest self, and awaken to find that your are coping with ease, flourishing, revitalised and ready to live your fullest life.

Individual executives and CEOs, please see Exclusive Private for 1-1 support.

Reconnect. Recalibrate. Realign.

A Boardroom Coach

With 20 years in boardroom strategy and executive coaching, Michaela knows the pressure that you work under.

If you are looking to regain feelings of control in your life, and to reconnect with the person that you fully are, exclusive and discrete coaching with Michaela may be the right fit for you.

The inspiration for Michaela's work brings East-West wisdom into the current day drama and pressures of life and work with a paradigm shift in how to be human and thrive.