The Shift: Awaken with the Ultimate Self Discovery Coaching Program for Women

Ready for total freedom, joy and peace of mind? Welcome to shifting paradigms. Your life is about to change!

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Imagine the most exciting, enticing, and transformative coaching programme for ending over-reaching and revealing the essence of you - and the freedoms within. You have my four-month Coaching Programme for awakening to the joy of who you are.

This is a world where women like you are making paradigm shifts, and are breaking free and taking their lives to the next level.

Together they are learning how easy it is to live in peace and joy without over-drinking, over-pressurising themselves in search of the missing piece of their personal fulfilment puzzle. There they genuinely enjoy life, social events and attainment, while building treasured memories of times with friends and family.

These women are amazing, and so are you. Are you ready to rediscover who you are, and live confidently in joy and wisdom?

This program is not for everyone, and spaces are limited. This program is for action-taking, goal-orientated women who have built successful lives, but who feel there is a part of themselves still missing. This is for you if you want to elevate your live free from behaviors, thinking styles and addictive cycles that leave you deflated and exhausted.

Book your call with me and let's blow the boundaries sky high!

Emerge from the something is missing trapand end depleting lifestyle behaviors with a group of likeminded women who want to live from spirit and fullness.

Developed from personal experience and Michaela’s expert knowledge as the leader in the science of transformational freedom, Truest Freedom is yours in this phenomenal program.

We bring together science, executive and life coaching,  psychology and spirituality in this unique and transformational programme.

Burst the glass ceiling of excess and limitation, and find the truth of your free-est self.

Your mindset memory patterns, and neurological pathways will shift-change and transform as addictive, seeking patterns release you and your life bursts to a new level.

Learn about new coping and resilience mechanisms and watch them build as you respond to emotions and situations in new and healthy ways. Explore the Golden thread of who you are and who you want to be as your new story is woven into your new authentic and infinite life.

Through expert weekly coaching and mentoring you will join others before you who all say that they feel like they have woken up from a dream. The perspective shift they found has been the best thing they have ever done. Together in this paradigm shattering coaching program we write new stories of a brighter, peaceful and powerful future.