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Free book, and no catches! The Social Secret reveals a secret that less than 0.01% of people know about. It holds the key to understanding how alcohol attaches to our desire to be happy, and how to live happily back in control and without it.


DiscoverThe Social Secret

  • The instant way to remove any guilt, shame or blame about drinking
  • The Social Secret® is the key to making changes in your relationship with alcohol easily
  • Learn how to be incredibly happy without even needing alcohol!

From feeling miserable, ashamed and desperate, to being completely in control, confident and free.

Discover the Social Secret 

If you're tired of the impact alcohol is having on your lifestyle, your work, your health or even your relationships then you know it's probably time to make a change.
Most people don’t realise that alcohol is the 2nd most addictive drug on the planet, because it’s something that no one tells us. The struggle with feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment often become exhausting and can lead to a cycle of dependancy that is difficult break.
You may have tried to solve the alcohol conundrum before but wondered if you are really ready to cut down or give up on alcohol for good. Maybe you tried willpower and Googling for answers. Maybe you even tried alcohol counselling, AA or rehab...
It can be scary stepping into the unknown... I know, because 6 years ago, I did it myself.
I used to think that there would be no fun and no joy without alcohol in my life but as a professional coach and scientist, I started to use my coaching knowledge to ask different questions. I read 100's of journals and books on addiction, neuroscience and psychology, and one day, surrounded by my papers, research and notes, I realised that I thought and felt differently about alcohol. I felt powerful, and free.
My paradigm had shifted and I had discovered a completely new approach to tackling issues with alcohol. I discovered The Social Secret®.
Once you experience this paradigm shift for yourself, you will never see alcohol or life in the same way again. Alcohol will lose all hold over you. You can be free.

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Cut through convention and outdated ideas – to take you to a new level of living, and back to the old ‘you’!

The Social Secret® doesn't focus on nail biting ways to control behaviour, to get a grip, or be strong and determined. Instead we work on adapting the thinking and feelings behind the tie to alcohol so that you can cut down, cut the chord and step free.

We use a unique blend of scientific knowledge, neuroscience and psychology that delivers a blueprint to bring individuals freedom to live a new alcohol-free life story, with limitless potential. This science shifts paradigms: it is different, and it is empowering – no alcoholic labels, no lifelong recovery and fear, no living in shame or struggling with willpower.

With The Social Secret® you walk into a new life story, build new healthy emotional strength and vibrancy, live life on your terms, enjoy socialising when you want to and relax into 'me' time with newfound, blissful peace.