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Get your POWER backThe #1 membership to get control back from alcohol

Are you:

Sick and tired of playing the alcohol-rules-me game? Do you want OUT of the matrix of cyclical daily, or binge drinking? Are you familiar with the feeling of unrest, a lack of OK-ness, and that you're not living your happiest life? Are you exhausted and fed up of feeling bad about the whole situation?

Get ready to embrace a quest as we explore a world where science and psychology meet, where you’ll learn how to think, act and feel differently about drinking… A world where you are awake and free from wrestling with disturbing, triggering emotions.

This incredible membership guides you to shift beyond the habit-forming limits of your mind to reconnect to yourself, and to freedom...

Imagine feeling truly content and happy, with a deep sense of safety and peace, free from anxiety. You'll know you're living your best life, embracing authentic truth, fully awake, and present. Picture yourself liberated from the mind's endless narratives, simply happy and at ease. That's the life you deserve!

Would you like to:

To wake up every day feeling authentic, powerful and healthy?

This is your invitation to step into living your best life right NOW.

Feeling nervous? That is normal. If you are feeling nervous, and even fearful, we will face that together. We can do brave. You've been doing brave your whole life! Inside this membership, you can put down the efforting, and striving, and be present for yourself and your learning.

There is light at the end of the tunnel! It’s a plot twist, and you get to rewrite your story on your terms!

What do you get from the membership?

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    The very best science-based midlife teaching for happy transformation to empower your life.

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    A women-only membership that shares the common purpose of wanting to live your best life in authentic alignment.

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    We work with your natural intelligence and innate capabilities to build confidence and give you your POWER back!

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    When you join the membership you find yourself in a space where you realise that there is nothing wrong with you, and your confidence brightens and shines like the sun!

What is included?

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    Weekly LIVE check-in on Zoom with Michaela

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    Access to ALL of Michaela's Alcohol Coach programs and workshops. Over seven programs with tools, workbooks, exercises, and guided relaxations for those stressed-out trigger moments!

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    Lifetime access to all materials when you choose annual membership

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    A community of women who are all learning the same materials, sharing the same language, and building their internal power base

Awaken to the Joy of Who You Are

the answer lies in getting back to your old self, and in unlearning a lifetime of drinking conditioning, beliefs and responses.The answer lies in reprogramming the mind and exiting the drinking matrix.


Hi Michaela.

I drank at home alone for so many years while functioning with the rest of my life outwardly. Inwardly I was sinking lower until I came across your program.

I haven’t had alcohol in 3 years and have no desire for it either! I am living the life that I wanted, and never thought I could have.

Thank you.

Trish, Teacher

Hi Michaela.

Thank you so much. Your program has been the best thing ever for me. Changing my thoughts with your techniques and The Social Secret has been amazing.

I feel free, happy and in control of my life for the first time ever! I am virtually anxiety free.

I have NEVER felt this good!!!

Andrea, Marketing Manager

What will we cover?This is the transformative modules...



It all starts here! The incredible mindset change program to unhook you from deep conditioning around drinking.  Find mental freedom in 10 lessons over 10 days, with your own journal and all tools.



Phase 2 is adapting to your shifted thinking from a place of power. This six week program to build your muscle memory for change, and to help you settle into your new and empowered life.


Social Success Power Pack

A program to help you prepare, build confidence and navigate every imaginable social gathering, from weddings, to work events, and a night out with friends! With cheat sheets, and tips of what to say, how to succeed.


The Social Secret Book

Michaela's book, The Social Secret is a game-changer. This course gives you a copy of the book to read, and also a 4 hour audio as Michaela reads her book. Relax and listen as your neural pathways shift!


Sobriety Hypnotherapy Bundle

To get your power back, the unconscious conditioning needs to unravel. Relax and unwind with four relaxation recordings, designed and spoken by Michaela.



We are not going to leave you free and happily in control without giving you the tools to thrive! This 6 week program takes you to the next level managing thought, and emotion. We cover boundaries, golden alignment, and scoping out your future!


Weekly LIVE Q&A Check-In

Dive into recordings of the weekly LIVE Q&A. Revisit and learn from the questions asked by other members, and rewatch as a refresher and reboot!

This IS for you if …

  • You are a woman seeking change, answers and growth.

  • You want OUT of the confusion and misery of the alcohol matrix

  • You are sick and tired of how drinking is affecting your life, health, and peace of mind.

  • You want to feel authentic, happy, connected to yourself and empowered.

  • You want to live your best life NOW, fresh, aline and on your terms.

This is NOT for you if …

  • You are willing to be a victim of circumstance and not seek growth.

  • You think other people should do the work for you, and you are looking for someone to blame.

  • You are not prepared to challenge lifetime thinking with an open and curious mind

  • You want to stay exactly where you are, caught in a loop.

  • You are not a woman (sorry fellas, this one is for us girls!)

I amMichaela Weaver

I am a spiritual teacher and awakening coach. My mission is to point you to truth, and the joy of inner power, wisdom and presence that is here. I founded The Alcohol Coach in 2019 to help women like me to get out of the trap that is alcohol. The other side, there is such joy, and I set up this membership so that you could realize that for yourself.

Your outer world will be filled with happiness, lightness and love; you shift from overwhelm and insecurity to peak performance and ease, and from over-thinking to inner peace.

Your ultimate paradigm shift awaits.

If you’re successful and intelligent, you’ll learn to live your life without any limitations of heart and mind. Learn to thrive in all areas of your life with fresh eyes, a peaceful subconscious and ease.

I am so sure of this because this is a road I’ve travelled myself.

For most of my life, my ego ruled me. I submitted to overthinking, fear and doubt – the very things that made up my “Operating System”.

I pushed myself to irrational limits, smoked, and drank excessively, my thoughts were filled with unrest, and I was stressed beyond measure while juggling a taxing career and raising a family.

Over-doing, stress, and anxiety were rooted in me. I shamefully (and painfully) descended into a dark place and affected everything and all those around me.

Caught in an unfulfilling existence, I blamed the world and lost touch with my true self.

I began studying addiction science, neuroscience, spirituality and psychology. Fast forward to today, and that’s how my paradigm shifting work was born. I felt uncomfortable with many models of self-development and superficial solutions. They play at the surface, not at the source. This is a new level of consciousness that connects with your authentic essence  – unleashing your inherent power to live an elevated life bursting with peace, joy, and fulfilment.

I am an awakened coach who is a Fellow of The Association for Coaching, Fellow of ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists) ICF Member, Master Executive, Life and Wellbeing Coach. Clients include: Executives, CEOs, directors, lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, bankers, realtors, marketing and finance executives, and more.

This is your birthright … you can live life joyfully and in control

Imagine how you will feel knowing that you are working with an expert, who has also walked the path. I have worked with over a thousand women in midlife, helping them to reclaim their lives and joy.

If you've tried Googling, signed up for huge programs with people you have nothing in common with, AA, rehab, sheer grit and determination, then welcome home! This is nothing like any of those things! This is where change feels like miracles are happening!

I did this! Other women have done this! You can do this too!

Take Action NowAnd Change your Life

Membership Monthly

$66 per month

* Annual membership includes lifetime access to all products


Thank you, Michaela for this community and program! I am so happy to be celebrating this holiday alcohol-free! I am feeling especially grateful for your coaching and this community. No alcohol on the menu. Lots of good food. My kids are coming!

I could never have imagined that not drinking would feel so good. What was I afraid of?! That's the trap though, isn't is? I'm so glad to be free! Thank you.

Karen, Vice President, Banking

I hadn't bounced back since Covid. So much had changed and I felt that I hadn't caught up. I wasn't sure who I was anymore, and wasn't happy with my health choices. I was stressed, overwhelmed and silently struggling. Fast forward to today and I feel whole again. I feel aligned, authentic and happier than I have been in years! It was the most incredible and transformational work. Thanks again Michaela. You and your program changed my life and my work.

Alison, Director, Global Training Company

Get your POWER back

Imagine you are at a T junction. Picture your life 5 years from now if you remain stuck, and miserable. What is that like? How does it feel to be there?

Now, imagine that same life in 5 years as a free, empowered, and happy woman. What is it like in that future? What does that feel like?

You only have one life, and you are living it right here, and right now. One small step right now will change your life. One small step is the beginning of your miracle!