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Self love is the ultimate gift that you can give yourself. To me, it means living connected to your heart, feeling authentic, whole, and in glorious alignment. It took me a long while to find that in my life, and from that place all magic happens... life expands, joy comes in, and events and people manifest. That's the beauty of an awakened life. I'm here to help you to follow your self love, and change your life. 

Usually over $15555, I am giving you a 3 month one-to-one coaching package for just $2555, payment plans are available, and you have lifetime access to all my incredible courses! Offer ends 14th February and spaces are strictly limited. Want a quick chat? Book here

The Incredible Valentine's offer!A private coaching package designed for you. It's time to step out of The Matrix!

Take your quantum leap into freedom with exclusive access to me, one on one.

Your package will be designed with you, and for you, exclusively by me. That is how I work with premium level clients. We become a team and we do this together. I help you to rewrite your story and build your dreams. We unravel and reconstruct the truth of who you are, on your terms.

Your personally designed package will give you everything you need for a rapid transformation and seamless transition into your life as you bloom, reconnect and rediscover what it means to live this precious life.

This Self Love Valentine's offer is simply incredible, and if you are ready for change, I'm ready to support you!

Do you want change? Are you fearful, but hopeful? Then you are in the right place.

You get:

  • Six 60 minute coaching sessions with me
  • Recording of your coaching session with action plan notes
  • Access to all my transformational coaching workshop materials for LIFE!
  • Weekly email coaching support
  • Coaching is supported with a recording of each session, workbooks, tools and guided relaxation recordings related to your journey.
  • Access to my inner circle WhatsApp group

You can choose to focus your transformation on alcohol, or other issues that are causing blockages in your life. Leave behind fear, self-sabotage, perfectionism and other limitation, as together we jump out of the Matrix and into a brand NEW life.

We will set goals at the start of your coaching plan, actions during each session, and there is email support weekly during your coaching period.

This is where transformation takes place!

Be heard, be seen and be supported to release emotional blockages so that you flourish and thrive with renewed resilience and no need for fake coping mechanisms, no matter what life throws at you!

Integrate your rediscovered self into every aspect of your life and live your ultimate life.

Experience further transformations for exponential emotional strength and renewal as anxiety, stress and overwhelm dissolve.

Together, we unravel you from what is holding you back, whether it's the alcohol trap, or something else. You emerge, uplifted, and on your terms. Your Self is rediscovered. You have found yourself again!

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I work with a handful of clients at a time providing breath-taking transformations to experience the truest joy of who they are without stress, over-thinking, overwhelm and addictive mental coping strategies.

If time consuming and emotionally uncomfortable approaches are not for you.

If you want a refreshing, and inspiring route to freedom then working directly with me gives you peace of mind, discretion and life-changing results.

Let me help you bring your hopes and dreams alive and bring forth the true authenticity of you. We work with high-functioning achievers who are exhausted with over-doing behaviors and want to break free to the highest levels of living.

This is your life and your freedom.My coaching is designed around you.

No preconceptions, and no standard packages, because you are not standard. You want to be seen, you want to be heard, and you want to be understood. Above all else, you have a yearning to discover your Self and truly awaken to life and your deepest human potential.

Kind Words

Thank you so much! The insight you have shared has changed my life! I have a new-found confidence and been able to leave behind the disquiet I felt. I felt anxious at work, even though I didn't know why, and felt that I had to be constantly busy. In truth, I was worried what would happen if I stopped!
Since our deep work together, my disquiet and fear has fallen away. I feel a deep sense of peace, and am relaxed even in the most stressful meetings! I am making better decisions and am a happier mother and partner.

Emily, Vice President, Banking


I hadn't bounced back since Covid. So much had changed and I felt that I hadn't caught up. I wasn't sure who I was anymore, and wasn't happy with my health choices. I was stressed, overwhelmed and silently struggling. Fast forward to today and I feel whole again. I feel aligned, authentic and happier than I have been in years! It was the most incredible and transformational work. Thanks again Michaela. You and your program changed my life and my work.

Alison, Director, Global Training Company