Sobriety journey What next?

EMPOWER is the Women's Community for Accountability, Support and loving Self Rediscovery

LAUNCHING MARCH 1st 2023. Strictly invitation only.

EMPOWER your life with like-minded women.

EMPOWER is a brand-NEW community membership

for women in early sobriety who are making breath-taking transformations to experience the truest joy of discovering their true Self.

You have experienced huge shifts with your relationship with alcohol and you have experienced freedom, but you don't want to be alone with it yet.

You don't drink, but you're worried about maybe doing so in the future. You want a reference point for support.

You had a slip, and you need to get back on track.

You're don't drink and you are adapting to a world that still does. You want a pathway to reconnect to the world and your true self.

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You want connection, support, and accountability to stay true to your new life.

And you want to grow into your new lifestyle with a group of like-minded EMPOWERED women. 

Imagine what we could achieve together over a 12 month membership!

EMPOWER is that community, and it is here for you!

Over the last couple of years, I have taken numerous highly-driven, top performers through radical transformation around alcohol. I developed my group coaching program, FREEDOM, to be 4 months long, so that women have support in their journey. When that 4 months ends, the belonging, and power of the group is left behind, and that, for many, leaves women feeling alone and vulnerable. EMPOWER is the community to sustain and nourish your heart, mind and soul and to take you onwards into life with loving accountability and support.


What is included in the annual membership:

  • Monthly LIVE zoom coaching in community with Michaela for support, questions and accountability.
  • Two four week LIVE programs for emotional freedom with Nikki.
  • Two online retreat weekends with Michaela for growth, expansion, inner peace and Self Rediscovery.
  • A discrete community platform where you can chat, support, relate, and EMPOWER each other.

EMPOWER is for professional women who have been a minimum of 2 months alcohol-free in the last two years, or who are graduates of FREEDOM.

You have realised and dearly cherish the presence and clarity of not having alcohol in your life, BUT you don't want to be alone in the next steps of your life. You want support as you reconnect to the world and your Self, AND you want connection, support and accountability to continue to stay true to your new lifestyle.

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