DISCOVER: Digital Course: Fast Track To Happy Sober
DISCOVER: Digital Course: Fast Track To Happy Sober Product description

Imagine breaking free from alcohol in 10 days from start to finish? In 10 days, Michaela takes you through the entire process to unravel and break free from an unwanted relationship with alcohol.

DISCOVER is a comprehensive digital, self study coaching program that covers everything in 10 days to break you free from alcohol completely. Everything is included in this science-based program. Lifelong access to all materials and downloads.

Here’s what’s included:

  • My Entire Process to Break Free Step by Step and:

  • Overcome your fear and doubts

  • Never need to use willpower again

  • The ultimate calm and cope mind training & relaxation.

  • Unravel from Social and Personal Conditioning to Drink

  • Learn how to socialise and what to say and do in a social setting


  • FREE BONUS: Your Clarity Check Assessment Tool

  • FREE BONUS:  Two Guided relaxation subconscious recordings

  • I Don't Want To Drink Tonight Emergency Recording

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