Awaken Recovery Retreat

Your invitation to join Michaela for a precious online experience for Women 

Join me LIVE on 24th, 25th and 26th February 2023!

20 Spaces Available for Awaken

You have been harsh enough with yourself. I was to myself too...

now is the time for self reverence, lightness and learning to enjoy freedom from alcohol in every way imaginable.

Beginning with a welcome, mindful relaxation and compassionate goal-setting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday unfold with talks, Q&A, transformational mindshifts and practical tools for living a happy, fulfilled and gorgeous life without alcohol.

Light candles, bring a blanket, pen and notebook. Take up your space.

Let's grow and discover together.

The retreat is LIVE on zoom, supported by an online membership area, and 2 weeks of access to retreat recordings on completion.

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This is your Domain, to give yourself time and space to learn, breath and grow.

Join a discrete group of like-minded, proactive women who want the best from life, without the limitations of alcohol or restrictive thinking.

Imagine what you can achieve, and how glorious you will feel giving yourself the permission for a weekend of immersive reflection and learning.

Giving time to rediscovery yourself is the most precious gift. Learn how to live at peace with sobriety, breaking illusions of a lifetime of conditioning, building true compassion, grounding, gratitude and emotional healing.

Beyond the clouds of doubt. Beyond the clouds of uncertainty and confusion. There you are. You never went away. We are here to Discover You. Awaken and thrive.

This retreat is suitable for you if you are seeking sobriety, are new to sobriety, or want to refresh and rediscover your truth in sobriety. Every reinforcement supports your journey and growth in freedom. The messages and messaging will resonate with you in the unique way that fits for you, right where you are now.

Awaken Recovery Online Retreat

Your Schedule

Friday 24th January LIVE 7pm GMT (2pm ET, 12pm PT)

  • Welcome and compassionate scene-setting for the weekend
  • Opening talk and teaching with Michaela
  • Mindful relaxation

Over night self reflection on Your Why's, and Listening to Your Inner Voice.

This session will be recorded and in your Retreat Member area for review if you are unable to attend from the US or Canada due to work commitments.


Saturday 25th January 2-6pm GMT (9am-1pm ET, 5am-11am PT)

  • Bringing awareness to and releasing difficult emotions
  • Talk and dismantling the illusions teaching with Michaela
  • Q&A
  • Ring of Power: Stepping into your best self
  • Talk and the sober self teaching with Michaela

Overnight exercises and Awaken recording.

Sunday 26th January 2-6pm GMT (9am-1pm ET, 5am-11am PT)

  • Letting go and releasing practice
  • Change your reality teaching with Michaela
  • Q&A
  • Ring of Power: Stepping into your best self
  • Talk and the joy of freedom teaching with Michaela


All sessions will be recorded in your private member area, and available for review for 2 weeks following the retreat.

Michaela is a world leader in freeing women from the chains of limitation from addictive thinking and behaviour.

The journey she takes you on is one she has travelled herself. Passionate in all aspects of self rediscovery, Michaela committed to investing over $100K in her own development in executive, wellbeing, addiction, and life coaching. She brings the logic of science, and the wisdom of ancient spritual teachings face to face with modern practices of psychology, and mindset mastery.

She is a Master NLP coach, hypnotherap[ist and Time Line Therapist. Her results are life changing.